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soccer journal

Soccer Journal is the official publication of United Soccer Coaches, and is one of the few magazines in the world produced exclusively for soccer coaches.

As a member of United Soccer Coaches, you receive both physical copies, and digital access to all issues. Each issue contains technical and tactical articles, news and updates on important events, thoughts from opinion leaders in the sport, and features on the interesting people and issues of the game. In addition to our standard issues, United Soccer Coaches publishes a Pre-Season Soccer Journal issue that offers hundreds of age-appropriate training activities and

session plans to use in your upcoming season.

High School coaches make up 34% of our membership. Here at United Soccer Coaches, our partners are deeply connected with our High School members. We work with all of our partners to deliver special access to creative and valuable products and services to you.

As a member, you have the option to receive communications from all of our partners. As a High School coach, many of our partners will share unique offers and useful content relevant to you.

Watch a video explaining Soccer Journal here.