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United Soccer Coaches is dedicated to offering our members education that is accessible, affordable, relevant, and measured by the success of our candidates. We offer a variety of educational opportunities including both online and in-person courses to accommodate a coach’s busy schedule. Additionally, new courses and diplomas are constantly being worked on by our Education Department.

The association offers eLearning courses and Special Topics Diplomas that can be completed exclusively online. Our Advanced Diplomas are offered in-person and in a blended format that allows for the majority of coursework to be done online. Explore more educational opportunities below.  

Education Opportunities


United Soccer Coaches membership includes access to the entire eLearning suite of courses that allow for learning on the go. Our eLearning courses feature learn-at-your-own-pace online modules, including checks for understanding, downloadable bonus content, and a Diploma for successful completion. Read more


Some eLearning Courses currently offered:  

• Attacking Transitions and Counter Attacks

Functional Training for Forwards  

11v11/Formations & Systems  of Play

NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching  

Goalkeeping Level 1 

Sports Psychology  

Small-Sides Games

Advanced Technical Training  

Defending Principles of Play  



Educated coaches help to deliver a positive playing experience for young athletes and a more enjoyable experience for themselves. The United Soccer Coaches Development Diplomas reflect the current soccer landscape with a focus on small-sided games and allow all types of soccer organizations to deliver useful coaching education from novice to intermediate in an accommodating way. 

Advanced Diplomas

Designed for the serious coach, United Soccer Coaches Advanced Diplomas can enhance your coaching resume and offer new coaching methodologies and skillsets for you to use on the sideline. Our Advanced Diplomas are offered in-person or in a blended format.

These courses include:

» National Diploma (no prerequisite)

» Advanced National Diploma (National prerequisite)

» Premier Diploma (Advanced National prerequisite)

» National Youth Diploma (National suggested)

» Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma (Goalkeeping Level 3 prerequisite)


Our online High School Diploma looks at the ongoing duties of the high school coach and how to better prepare them for the responsibilities given to them in that position. This course is completed in two phases: 

• The first phase requires candidates to complete pre-recorded webinars on their own time,

complete with PDF assignments or portfolio work.  

• Phase two requires candidates to attend live Zoom sessions with Coach Educators and other

candidates to allow for collaboration.  

Special Topics Diplomas

In addition to our set coaching courses, our Education Department conducts Special Topics Diplomas periodically in different parts of the country, as well as special clinics at various events, including the annual United Soccer Coaches Convention. Some examples of Special Topics Diplomas include Sport Performance, Building a Game Model, and Performance Analysis.

Coaching Continuing Education

Coaches interested in reaching the peak of the academic coaching journey can take advantage of our partnered Master’s Programs. The Master Coach Diploma/Certificate, created in collaboration with the University of Delaware, builds upon the 150 hours of field and classroom learning from the United Soccer Coaches National, Advanced National, and Premier Diploma courses. The Coaching Education Program in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University and United Soccer Coaches offer an online master's degree in soccer coaching, the only sport-specific graduate program in the U.S.


You can take an active role in developing the level of coaching in your community by hosting a

United Soccer Coaches course! Give coaches in your area the gift of coaching education through a Host-a-Course event that allows for United Soccer Coaches education to be delivered where you are. 

Coaches can request the following diplomas through the Host-a-Course Program: 

• Foundations of Coaching Levels 1 and 2

• Goalkeeping Levels 1, 2, and 3

• Special Topics Diplomas

The only requirements needed to make your Host-a-Course happen are one full-sized soccer field, one classroom with presentation capabilities, a minimum of 15 interested coaches, and one individual to handle on-site registration and administration.